What Is Mediation

Mediation is a cost effective and fast way of resolving disputes without the need to go to court.

It’s a voluntary process where your opinion and concerns can be aired but a confidential and meaningful result can be achieved.

The process involves an independent third party – the mediator – who helps those in conflict reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

Role of the mediator

An independent mediator will encourage open and frank discussion, quickly identifying the issues and helping all parties reach a resolution

Why Mediate

Mediation is a fast and cost-effective way to resolve disputes to almost any conflict. From breach of contract and medical negligence claims to landlord and tenant issues.

Mediation provides a safe space to discuss your concerns openly and have your say but is completely confidential and nothing discussed during the process can be disclosed once over.

Mediation allows those previously in dispute to resolve their issues giving each other a prospective from the others view point and in many cases continue in business together.

The mediation process is significantly less formal and stressful than going to court with most mediations taking at most only a day to reach a resolution.

Types of mediation

Mediation can be used to resolve nearly all conflicts and is fast becoming more popular, and in many cases a legal necessity than going to court.

Mediation can be used for resolving breach of contract, medical negligence claims, employment contract breaches, neighbour issues landlord and tenant issues.

Here at SMS we offer a professional confidential service.

Every dispute is different whether you are looking at issuing court proceedings or have had them served against you.

Even if you can’t afford to issue proceedings or instruct a solicitor or still debating how to proceed over an issue you are having. Mediation can step in and be used to help.

Here at SMS we have a with a fast turnaround with mediation appointments normally made within two weeks as long as all parties concerned are available and prepared to mediate.